At CSA Online we offer different programs for specific interests. Our one on one system allows to give you a very specialized learning experience. If your interest is not listed on our speciality menu, please let us know to prepare a special program for you.

Ready Made Programs

Dele Exam Preparation

For those interested in taking a Dele Exam, we can help you prepare to achieve the best results.


Our General program is open to everyone interested to learn Spanish. You will be prepared to speak, write and read Spanish correctly


Medical Spanish is aimed for Health workers and medical staff to allow then to understand Spanish speakers and also to communicate correctly when doing their labors


This program is fully designed to teach Spanish with specific vocabulary

Flight Attendants

Airline employees will benefit with this program specially designed to cover specific vocabulary and terminology to help to perform their duties.


Spanish learning can be fun and stimulating even for the little ones, Specially trained teachers will make class interesting and very productive

Pick Your Plan
If none of these programs suit your needs please contact us so we can create a plan that adapts to your requirements.

1 student

  • Learn Spanish at your own pace

  • Choose from multiple teacher options
  • Custom made program for your needs.
  • Live Calendar.
  • One-on-one-classes.

3-5 students

  • Special program for the whole family and their personalized needs.

  • Parenting control profile.
  • Track each person’s progress.
  • Live Calendar.
  • One-on-one classes.

6-100 students

  • A plan customized for each institution needs.

  • Monthly reports.
  • Student hour management.
  • Live Calendar.
  • One-on-one classes.
  • Corporate Dashboard.
1 student

  • This program is aimed to reinforce your language skills according to your Spanish level and helps you to be prepared for the DELE exam.

  • Certified teachers by Instituto Cervantes from Spain.
  • Levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.
  • One-on-one classes
  • Flexible schedule according to your needs.
  • 13 years of experience preparing DELE’s candidates.

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Christian Spanish School is the best school in Antigua. I have studied Spanish for many years but after attending CSA things finally started to “click”. Due to the corona virus problem I had to leave Antigua but I am able to continue studying online at home with the same excellent maestro I had in the school.


The school has an excellent program with materials for all levels, professionally qualified instructors and a warm and well coming administration. They will help you with all your housing and transportation needs. The school, also, has activities and excursions so that you can enjoy all that the beautiful city of Antigua has to offer. I highly recommend CSA!

Karen James

My name is Keisuke Hara who studied at CSA for 3 month from February 2018 to May 2018.


I had studied Spanish at CSA as job training before I started to work in Latin America by company’s order as expat.
When I arrived at Antigua, I was not able to speak Spanish almost nothing except for “Hola” and ”Gracias”. However, I learned a lot during 3 months how I communicate in Spanish, entirely including grammar, speaking, reading and writing.


I strongly recommend CSA as the best Spanish school in Antigua in terms of teachers’ quality, affordable tuition and study program.
I am now working in Colombia and still keep studying with CSA via online class to get myself better Spanish sperker!

Keisuke Hara

More than 30 years of experience teaching personalized on-site
classes in our Academy in La Antigua Guatemala, available to the touch of your screen.

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